NOYB open letter to Irish Data Protection Commission

None of Your Business (NOYB) published an open letter in which it criticises the length of time taken by the (Irish) Data Protection Commissioner to analyse the three complaints NOYB presented against the Facebook Group. 

According to NOYB, The open letter exposes for the first time that the Irish DPC and the Facebook Group (including WhatsApp and Instagram) had ten secret meetings before the GDPR became applicable in 2018. In these meetings, Facebook claims to have had “detailed direct engagement with the Commission prior to the implementation” of an apparent “consent bypass” to circumvent the GDPR’s strict consent rules.

NOYB letter also calls on the European Commission to take the necessary steps to ensure that the GDPR provides Europeans with a fundamental right to data protection not only on paper – but also in reality and in every corner of the Union.

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